Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (2023)

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Table of contents

  • 1. Cloud Digital Leader
  • 2. Associate Cloud Engineer
  • Exclusive Access
  • Rewards and Benefits
  • Who can Participate?
  • Why get Google Cloud certified?
  • Steps to get yourself Register
    • Step-1: Click on "Register Now"
    • Step 2: Fill in all the details
    • Step-3: Click on dashboard
  • The Schedule for the Tech camp
    • 1. Schedule for Cloud Digital Leader Certification Bootcamp
    • 2. Schedule for Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Bootcamp
  • Frequently asked questions(FAQs)
    • Who can Register for the Tech Camp?
    • What are the Prerequisites to join the Tech Camp?
    • Are there any exam fees for Certification Involved?
    • Is the Tech Camp open for freshers with no experience?
    • Are there any registration fees involved?
    • Can I register for more than one Certification Path?
  • Wrap Up

Hello Cloud enthusiasts🌨️!

Cloud technology is here to stay!

From Netflix to Facebook, Reddit to the BBC, lots of companies around the world use Google Cloud and cloud services to boost their businesses.

From being a niche player to a serious competitor to Amazon Web Services(AWS) and Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has evolved as a game changer for cloud techies. The growth of Google Cloud has been staggering.

Dream, build and transform with Google Cloud

With more and more companies using GCP for at least some of their cloud demands, there is a rising need for Google Cloud Platform certification training. Teams and IT experts may utilize Google's eight certification examinations to demonstrate their proficiency with the Google Cloud Platform.

Want to get Google Cloud certified but don’t know where to start? Need hands-on experience with Google Cloud? Want to start a career in Google Cloud? If your answer is yes to any one or all of the above questions, we have got you covered!

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (1)

Google Cloud has created an extensive collection of 700+ learning activities with you in mind. You may choose from a range of activity forms in the catalog. You may pick from short quests that are made up of a few labs, bite-sized individual labs, or multi-module courses that include videos, papers, labs, and quizzes.

Cloud Tech Camp presented by Google Cloud is a training & certification program by Hack2skill and Google Developers, designed to meet all the industry benchmarks.

By joining this camp you can increase your ability & prove your expertise with Google Cloud Technology!

You can initiate your journey to becoming a Google Cloud Certified with Cloud Digital Leader and Associate Cloud Engineer Certification in Hack2skill x Google Developer Cloud Tech Camp presented by Google Cloud.

Get hands-on with computing, networking, storage, and database services in the Google Cloud Platform. Understand, engineer, and deploy secure and robust applications by following the best practices on the Google Cloud Platform.

The certification program aims to complete two certifications of Google Cloud in universities across India, through evangelizing the students about Google Cloud, a series of Hands-on Bootcamps, and guided paths.

The value of your resume shall increase abundantly when you show that you are a Google Cloud Certified Professional.

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (2)

There are two certifications provided by them:

1. Cloud Digital Leader

This certification is open to anyone who desires to expand their knowledge of cloud computing basics or someone who wants to achieve an organization’s goals using Google Cloud products and services.

This training builds knowledge in these areas:

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  • General cloud knowledge
  • General Google Cloud knowledge
  • Google Cloud products and services
  • Digital transformation, data, and AI/ML
  • Modernizing company IT infrastructure and applications

2. Associate Cloud Engineer

This certification plans to show the candidate’s ability in using the console interface as well as the command line to deploy, monitor, manage, and build complex cloud solutions and services using Google Cloud.

The Associate Cloud Engineer exam assesses your ability to:

  • Set up a cloud solution environment
  • Plan and configure a cloud solution
  • Deploy and implement a cloud solution
  • Ensure successful operation of a cloud solution
  • Configure access and security

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (3)

Exclusive Access

  • ON-DEMAND COURSES: Access to online courses on Google Cloud Skills Boost

  • HANDS-ON LABS: Get practice with Google Cloud Technologies. A robust portfolio of labs and quests allows you to gain experience in a sand environment.

  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Connect with other people who are preparing for Google Cloud Certifications, ask questions, and share your experience in a safe environment.

Rewards and Benefits

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (4)

Cloud Tech Camp aims to provide students, freelancers, and working professionals with right-from-scratch training regarding Google Cloud, industry insights, and real-world experiences. To add value to this learning experience, there are certain benefits that participants can avail themselves of on completion of the course.

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (5)

Prerequisites & Guidelines

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (6)

  • You can register for both Cloud Digital Leader as well as Associate Cloud Engineer Certifications.
  • Applicants must have a public Google Cloud Skills Boost profile.
  • Make your Google Cloud Skills Boost profile public.

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (7)

Who can Participate?

In Cloud Tech Camp, anyone can participate with a cloud enthusiastic mindset like freelancers, students and working professionals.

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (8)

Why get Google Cloud certified?

  1. 87% of Google Cloud certified users feel more confident in cloud skills
  2. Professional Data Engineer topped the list of highest paying IT certifications for 2021 with Professional Cloud Architect following in second.
  3. More than 1 in 4 of Google Cloud certified individuals took on more responsibility or leadership roles at work.

Steps to get yourself Register

Step-1: Click on "Register Now"

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (9)

Step 2: Fill in all the details

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (10)

After Registration a window will pop up like this:

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (11)

Step-3: Click on dashboard

After clicking on the dashboard you can have to access your dashboard and can access resources that are provided there.

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (12)

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🎉Hurry you have made it!

The Schedule for the Tech camp

1. Schedule for Cloud Digital Leader Certification Bootcamp

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (13)

2. Schedule for Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Bootcamp

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (14)

You will be mentored/guided by top cloud engineers coming from Google.

Cloud Platform Engineers perform the coding and software engineering that brings the architect’s vision to life. They merge traditional programming skills with specialized knowledge in one or more of the leading cloud platforms' development environments to build, deploy and optimize cloud-based applications.

You can get yourself registered for the Cloud Digital Leader Certification Bootcamp by Google Cloud here. and You can get yourself registered for the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification Bootcamp by Google Cloud here.

The last date to register for Cloud Digital Leader Certification is SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2022 and the last date to register for Associate Cloud Engineer is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2022.

Cloud Tech Camp presents a speaker session by Neelam Pawar, a Cloud Solution Architect at Google.

Cloud Tech Camp Presented By Google Cloud (15)

She will be explaining in detail the certification program, her journey of learning google cloud, how you can make the most of this tech camp, and many more topics.

📅Date: 25th September 2022

⏳Time: 5 PM IST

®️Register at: Tech Camp

📝Please Note: Joining details of the session will be sent only to the registered participants of Cloud Digital leader Certification.

So don't forget to enroll in the program ASAP!!

Registrations for Cloud Digital Leader certification closing on 23rd Sept (Friday)

Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with experts, get inspired, and boost your skills.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Who can Register for the Tech Camp?

Any developer who is looking for ways to take Google Cloud Knowledge to the next level and wants to demonstrate technical skills and proficiency, through Google Cloud Certification.

What are the Prerequisites to join the Tech Camp?

Applicants must have a Google Cloud Skills Boost Profile, made public. You can create your Public Google Cloud Skills Boost Profile, here.

(Video) Google Cloud Tech Camp Program Free Google Certifications and Swags Offered By Google Developers

Are there any exam fees for Certification Involved?

Both certifications are FREE OF COST.

Is the Tech Camp open for freshers with no experience?

Yes, but only for Participants looking forward to the Cloud Digital Leader Certification. For the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification, you need to have prior experience of being a Cloud Digital Leader.

Are there any registration fees involved?

The Google Cloud Tech Camp is absolutely FREE for all participants.

Can I register for more than one Certification Path?

Yes. You can register for both Cloud Digital Leader as well as Associate Cloud Engineer Certifications.

Wrap Up

This tech camp will help you get started on GCP and give you a broad perspective of what you can do with it.

Without a Google Cloud certification, having an end-to-end understanding of the Google Cloud Platform is equivalent to knowing how to fly a plane without a pilot's license. Knowing the fundamentals of Google Cloud will not be sufficient if you want to earn a GCP certification. You should be aware of the current issues encountered with GCP. When you demonstrate that you are a Google Cloud certified specialist, your resume gains significantly in value.

Hope that this post will help you to start the Google Cloud journey!

So now, what are you waiting for? Jump on the cloud! and register here.

Happy Learning!!

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What is Google camp an acronym for? ›

Cloud Application Modernization Program- CAMP | Google Cloud. Jump to. Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP)

Does Google offer free cloud training? ›

New learners can start with a 30 day no-cost training trial. Find your role-based learning path. Explore our full catalog of courses, hands-on labs, and skill badges.

What is cloud Withgoogle? ›

Google Cloud is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for their own consumer products, such as Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube.

What is Google Cloud ready? ›

Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery recognizes partner solutions that have met a core set of requirements to ensure the best possible integration between the partner product and BigQuery. Validated partner products enable existing and prospective customers to discover and use proven partner products.

What camp means? ›

Cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP, cyclic AMP, or 3',5'-cyclic adenosine monophosphate) is a second messenger important in many biological processes.

Is Google a camp? ›

Google CAMP allows large enterprises to modernize application development and delivery and drive improvements in speed, which directly drives a business's bottom line.

Which cloud course is best for beginners? ›

Cloud Certifications
  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect - Associate. ...
  2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals. ...
  3. Google Associate Cloud Engineer. ...
  4. IBM Certified Technical Advocate - Cloud v3. ...
  5. Cloud Security Alliance: Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)
Jul 13, 2022

How much does Google Cloud learning cost? ›

Are Google Cloud Platform Certifications Free? No. You pay a fee to register for a Google Cloud Certification. The registration fee for Associate Certification is $125, while Professional Certifications go for $200.

How long is Google Cloud certification? ›

Google Cloud will evaluate your exam record, including verifying compliance with the Terms and Conditions. Please allow 7-10 days for Google Cloud to confirm your exam results.

What is the difference between cloud native and cloud ready? ›

In a cloud-enabled solution, the organization's application is deployed in the public cloud but still requires a physical server of its own for operations. The difference between a cloud-native and a cloud-enabled system is that a cloud-native system does not require any computing infrastructure onsite.

What is the benefit of Google Cloud ready facilitator program? ›

What is GoogleCloudReady Facilitator program? The GoogleCloudReady Facilitator program will provide you an opportunity to kickstart your career in cloud and get hands on practice on Google Cloud - the tool that powers apps like Google Search, Gmail and YouTube.

How do I use Google Cloud facilitator program? ›

In this program, you will grab your hands on google search, Gmail and YouTube. Along the way, you will learn & practice concepts like computing, application development, big data & machine learning using cloud & if you get stuck, you will have your “Facilitators” who are specially trained on Google Cloud to help.

What are the 7 benefits of GCP? ›

  • Outstanding Availability and Uptime. ...
  • Live Migration of Virtual Machines. ...
  • Free Uptime Monitoring. ...
  • Leading Global Infrastructure. ...
  • Unrivalled Throughput. ...
  • Performance Optimization With Network Service Tiers. ...
  • Continued Dedication to Network Expansion. ...
  • Ease of Setup.
3 days ago

How do I get Google Cloud goodies 2022? ›

2022 Resolution: Learn Google Cloud, free of charge
  1. Register by January 31, 2022 and claim 30 days free access to Google Cloud Skills Boost to complete the Getting Started with Google Cloud learning path.
  2. Attend the Getting Started Cloud OnBoard on January 20 for a comprehensive Google Cloud orientation.
Jan 13, 2022

How is Google Cloud different from AWS? ›

Key Difference between AWS and GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

Google Cloud is a suite of Google's public cloud computing resources & services whereas AWS is a secure cloud service developed and managed by Amazon. Google Cloud offers Google Cloud Storage, while AWS offers Amazon Simple Storage Services.

Why is it called cAMP? ›

Camp in this sense has been suggested to have possibly derived from the French term se camper, meaning "to pose in an exaggerated fashion". Later, it evolved into a general description of the aesthetic choices and behavior of working-class gay men.

What is cAMP in full? ›

The full form of cAMP is Cyclic Adenosine MonoPhosphate.

Who discovered cAMP? ›

The cyclic nucleotide cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)—the original member of the family of second messengers—was discovered by Dr. Earl W. Sutherland during his studies of the mechanisms of hormone action.

What is Google's address in Mountain View? ›

Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, California 94043 - Content Details -

Which cloud job has highest salary? ›

What Are The Top-Paying Cloud Jobs In 2021?
  • According to a report by Statista, Senior Solutions Architects earn an average of $141,000, making it the highest paying job.
  • The cloud architect position is also pretty lucrative with an average salary of $135,977.

Can I get job in cloud without experience? ›

Is it easy to get a job in cloud computing with no experience? Yes. Even if you lack the necessary work experience, you will need a cloud certification to land a cloud computing job.

Which is the toughest cloud certification? ›

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional:

The AWS Solutions Architect credential is among the most highly-valued and challenging credentials available today. It is a professional-level credential with a professional difficulty level to the exam.

Is Google Cloud hard to learn? ›

Ans: If you have the basic knowledge of Cloud Computing and you have used AWS to some extent, learning Google Cloud Platform is not a difficult task. You can easily start learning GCP from the basic level of certifications.

Are Google Cloud certification worth IT? ›

Yes, the Google Professional Cloud Architect is definitely worth it for cloud architects – and not just because it's right there in the name. If you're working as a network or cloud architect, you're at a point in your career where you're not simply implementing minor technical solutions and configurations.

Are Google certificates worth IT? ›

Yes, the Google certification is well worth the time and effort. These certifications can add value to your resume. So, it is true to say that they can help you land an entry-level job in the IT industry with ease.

What is cloud certification salary? ›

The average salary of a Google cloud certified network engineer is $106,100 in the U.S., £64,767 in the U.K., and $78,520 in Australia.

Can I learn cloud in 3 months? ›

It can be a matter of certain months or even years! Generally, it takes four years to complete a proper set of degrees in cloud computing.

How difficult is Google Cloud Engineer exam? ›

The exam is a little bit difficult if one isn't prepared well. Many of the questions will challenge one's knowledge as well as their time management skills. Considering all the factors, we can say that it is certainly a hard nut to crack.

What is a cAMP look? ›

Camp is an aesthetic style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because of its bad taste and ironic value.

What does camo stand for? ›

CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation)

What is cAMP medical term? ›

Cyclic adenosine monophosphate is a small, hydrophilic molecule commonly known as cyclic AMP or cAMP, which is an important intracellular second messenger molecule regulated in many physiological processes. [

What is the full form of cAMP in aviation? ›

CAMP Definition. A CAMP is a certificate holder/program manager-developed. maintenance program and is authorized for use by FAA-issued Operations Specification. (OpSpec)/Management Specification (MSpec) D072, Aircraft Maintenance – Continuous. Airworthiness Maintenance Program (CAMP).

What are examples of camp? ›

For example, drag shows, the gay "accent," and cult films popular within the LGBT community such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show are examples of camp.

What is camp trend? ›

Camp Trend is a production company specializing in outdoor lifestyle and adventure. Our team of filmmakers live & work on-the-road fulltime, capturing content for authentic storytelling. We're experts at working in remote locations and offer full-service capabilities from concept through to delivery.

Who won Met Gala 2022? ›

Someone who took this spirit to heart at the 2022 Met Gala? That would be supermodel Kendall Jenner, who won the most dramatic brow transformation of the evening.

What is the role of CAMO? ›

The scope of the CAMO is to organise and manage all documents and publications for Maintenance Organizations Part 145 and Part M approved, like development and management of aircraft maintenance programmes fulfilled. A CAMO must also provide record keeping of maintenance performed.

What is the job of CAMO? ›

Develop, maintain and analyse the effectiveness of the approved aircraft, engine and compo- nent Reliability Programme for each type of aircraft.

What does Part M mean? ›

What is an Part M Continuing Airworthiness? Part M Continuing Airworthiness means all of the processes ensuring that, at any time in its operating life, the aircraft complies with airworthiness requirements in force and is in a condition for safe operation.

How is cAMP created? ›

The generation of cAMP is initiated when an extracellular first messenger (neurotransmitter, hormone, chemokine, lipid mediator, or drug) binds to a seven transmembrane–spanning G protein–coupled receptor (GPCR) that is coupled to a stimulatory G protein α subunit (Gαs) (Figure 1).

How is cAMP activated? ›

Activation. Activated GPCRs cause a conformational change in the attached G protein complex, which results in the Gs alpha subunit's exchanging GDP for GTP and separation from the beta and gamma subunits. The Gs alpha subunit, in turn, activates adenylyl cyclase, which quickly converts ATP into cAMP.

What is cAMP made of? ›

cAMP is a nucleotide synthesised within the cell from ATP by the action of a membrane-bound enzyme, adenylyl cyclase. It is produced continuously and inactivated by hydrolysis to 5′-AMP by the action of a family of enzymes known as phosphodiesterases (PDEs).

What is Camp maintenance? ›

CAMP Maintenance (MTX) is the industry's leading Aircraft Maintenance and Regulatory Compliance Management solution.

What is the Part 145? ›

The term Repair Station refers to a maintenance facility that has a certificate issued by the FAA under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations ( 14 CFR ) Part 145 and is engaged in the maintenance, inspection, and alteration of aircraft and aircraft products.

What is AMO in aviation? ›

The International Civil Aviaiton Organisation (ICAO) defines an approved maintenance organization (AMO) as: "An organization approved by a Contracting State, in accordance with the requirements of Annex 8, Part II, Chapter 6 — Maintenance Organization Approval, to perform maintenance of aircraft, engine, propeller or ...


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