Motocross of Nations – Redbud MX (2023)

Motocross of Nations – Redbud MX (1)



Pit passes are available at the track area

Tickets are no longer available online. Cash and credit cards accepted at the gate, but please bring cash for parking to keep the lines moving!

  • Weekend Ticket: $175 Adult / $80 Junior (8-11)
  • Sunday Ticket: $120 Adult / $55 Junior (8-11)

Weekend price applies Thursday, Friday and Saturday; a weekend ticket is good for the entire event.
There is no Saturday-only ticket.


The track area will open to pedestrians Saturday and Sunday at 7:45am.
The following vehicle entrances open at 6:00am:

Motocross of Nations – Redbud MX (2)NORTH GATE Saturday and Sunday | 6am – 4pm | NO RVs
Motocross of Nations – Redbud MX (3)WEST GATESaturday and Sunday | 6am – 4pm

VIP Passholders, HANDICAP* Parking, STREET BIKE Parking
Motocross of Nations – Redbud MX (4)SOUTH GATE
Saturday | 6am – 5pm –Closed for exit traffic 5pm – 7pm – Reopens 7pm – 11pm | Sunday6am – 4pm
Motocross of Nations – Redbud MX (5)WEST GATE – Saturday and Sunday | 6am – 4pm

Motocross of Nations – Redbud MX (6)South Gate Only!
Saturday 6am – 5pm; 7pm – 11pm (closed 5-7pm for exit traffic)

* Handicap parking is available at the South and West gates, but there are more options at the South gate.

(Video) Dirt Shark - 2022 Motocross of Nations | MXON RED BUD


  • There is no overnight parking; all cars must exit before midnight, or the posted closing time nightly.
  • Friday only / $15, Friday – Sunday Parking Sticker ($75)
  • Saturday-Sunday Parking Sticker / $60
  • Sunday only / $30
  • Carpool if you can.
  • U.S. cash ONLY for parking. Exact change gets you parked and to the track faster!
    • Don’t back up the line!
    • Parking is not available online; scanners and credit cards slow the line down.
    • Some neighbors will also offer parking, and can accept U.S. cash only.
  • Street Bikes: no charge, no pass needed! Use the South or West gate.


Dedicated shuttle carts will run daily from camping lots and handicap parking lots to the track entrances.
Camping? Show your handicap placard to parking staff and they’ll place you in an easy-to-find spot for the shuttles.
Parking? Show your placard to get parked in a Handicap lot, available from any track entrance.

We cannot accommodate golf carts or pit vehicles for personal transportation. Of course ADA battery-driven mobility devices are welcome.

Need more information? Give us a call at 269-695-6405.


Paddock passes will be available at the track. Paddock access hours are 8am – 7pm Saturday and Sunday for pass holders.

Where and when to buy them:

Friday / 12pm – 5pm / at the Gate 4 ticketing area
Saturday / 7am – 5pm / through the track entrance, next to the Monster Arch – Paddock Entrance
Sunday / 7am – 1pm / through the track entrance, next to the Monster Arch – Paddock Entrance

(Video) Motocross of Nations History - Ep.19 - Monster Energy FIM MXoN 2018 - U.S.A., RED BUD #Motocross


Motocross of Nations! This will only be the 5th time in it’s 75-year history that it happens on American soil, so a lot of U.S. fans may not totally understand it. Here’s the format:

Approximately 38 teams will compete this year. Each team will have a 3-rider team: MXGP (450cc), MX2 (250cc) and OPEN (choice of bikes).
Saturday is qualifying, where teams not only earn a place in the final races, but also earn their gate picks for every final moto on Sunday. The first place qualifying team gets gate picks 1 and 21 for the final motos Sunday, second place qualifying team gets gate picks 2 and 22, and so on.

Saturday Race 1: the MXGP (450) class- one rider from each country.
Saturday Race 2: the MX2 (250) class – one rider from each country.
Saturday Race 3: the OPEN class – one rider from each country.

Each country’s three motos are tallied, three First place finishes = 3 points, etc. The top 19 countries advance. That leaves one spot to be filled Sunday morning in the “B Final”, a last chance qualifier.

Sunday Final Moto 1: MXGP and MX2 – each country’s 450 and 250 rider competes.
Sunday Final Moto 2: MX2 and OPEN – each country’s 250 and OPEN rider competes.
Sunday Final Moto 3: MXGP and OPEN – each country’s 450 and OPEN rider competes.

Tally the results using 1 point for first, 2 for second, etc., and throw out each team’s worst of six finishes, and the lowest point team wins! With the throwaway finish, you never know who’s going to win until the last laps of the final race.

Schedule of Official Events

4:00 pm – Introduction of all the nations’ teams at the starting line.

7:00 pm – Pit Bike of Nations practice.


(Video) RedBud 2022 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations. Race 3 Final (MXGP & MX2 Open)

  • 10:00 am – MXGP Practice (40 minutes, plus 5 minutes start practice)
  • 11:00 am – MX2 Practice (40 minutes, plus 5 minutes start practice)
  • 12:00 pm – OPEN Practice (40 minutes, plus 5 minutes start practice)
  • 2:20 pm – sight lap for MXGP Qualifier (20 minutes + 2 laps)
  • 2:30 pm – MXGP Qualifier
  • 3:20 pm – sight lap for MX2 Qualifier
  • 3:30 pm – MX2 Qualifier
  • 4:20 pm – sight lap for OPEN Qualifier
  • 4:30 pm – OPEN Qualifier


Thor Pit Bike of Nations

  • 6:30 pm – Team Introductions at the Thor rig (on the pro track midway)
  • 7:45 pm – Teams parade to the night track
  • 8:00 pm – Opening ceremonies


  • 8:45 am – B Final Practice
  • 9:15 am – Practice for teams who qualified in odd number positions (1st , 3rd, 5th, etc.)
  • 9:40 am – Practice for teams who qualified in even number positions (2nd – 4th – 6th, etc.)
  • 10:50 am – sight lap followed by B Final
  • 1:00 pm – sight lap followed by MXGP & MX2 moto
  • 2:30 pm – sight lap followed by MX2 & OPEN moto
  • 4:00 pm – sight lap followed by MXGP & OPEN moto
  • Podium presentations following the last race


FOOD AND DRINKS are available at the pro track and night track from a variety of food vendors. You can also bring your own food and drinks, just no glass.

BICYCLES are welcome everywhere accept the pro track area Saturday (inside the numbered gates) and the night track vending area/midway. There’s no designated bicycle parking, and no racks to lock your bike.

CAMP FIRES: If you bring a fire ring, small camp fires are permitted in your camping area.

BEER STANDS are located at the pro track. Beer can be purchased and consumed there, but may not be taken in or out of any numbered gates or pedestrian track entrances. Minimum age 21 to purchase and consume alcohol; must show valid government photo ID.

BYO IN THE CAMPING LOTS: You can BYO beer/alcohol to the camping areas; no glass.

NO PIT BIKES or PERSONAL VEHICLES! Don’t bring them this weekend. If you bring one, you’ll be asked to remove it from the property. This includes golf carts, scooters, ATVs, side-by-sides, etc. No Stacycs. Licensed motorcycles cannot be used as a pit vehicle. We offer golf cart shuttles for handicap transportation from camping and parking lots to the track area entrance.


(Video) Motocross Of Nations 2022 (Race 3)

NO BEER/ALCOHOL AT THE PRO TRACK: You cannotbring alcohol into or out of the pro track or pro pit area. That is, no alcohol through the numbered/pedestrian track entrances. Coolers, backpacks, etc. are subject to search at the gates.

MARIJUANA: It’s legal in Michigan now, but not at RedBud. We don’t want to confiscate your weed; please don’t bring it!

NO FIREARMS or WEAPONS. You will be asked to remove firearms; security will confiscate and tag weapons or prohibited items.


Motocross of Nations – Redbud MX (7)

PETS: Allowed in your own campsite, andmust remain at your campsite. This includes Companion and Emotional Support animals. The only place they’re allowed is in your camp site. For the safety and comfort of all fans, we reserve the right to refuse entry or ask you to remove unfriendly or uncontrolled pets. Not that we’ve seen any of those in a long time!

GENERATORS: There’s no time restriction for quiet generators. If you have one that sounds like a race bike, it must shut down by 11pm. All camp sites are at least 20′ wide; place generator within your campsite, away from your neighbors.


VIP ACCESS – 3 levels to choose from

  • Diamond VIP
  • Platinum VIP
  • Silver VIP

CLICK for VIP Package Descriptions


Motocross of Nations – Redbud MX (8)



Who won RedBud 2022? ›

Team Venezuela, led by Lorenzo Locurcio and Anthony Rodriguez, won the Motocross of Nations B-Final at RedBud on Sunday morning, September 25.

Where can I watch MX of Nations? ›

The MXGP qualifying race will be streamed live on The qualifying are not available anywhere else, only online via Infront Moto Racing's official system.

Where can I watch RedBud Motocross? ›

Live coverage can be seen all weekend on, with live coverage of Sunday's motos airing on CBS Sports Network.

What channel is 2022 Motocross on? ›

Every moto of the 2022 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship—450MX and 250MX will be shown live on NBC TV Network, plus MavTV Motorsports Network for cable users and subscribers to streaming services that include MavTV or NBC access. An alternative is to subscribe directly with MavTV Plus for worldwide streaming access.

How can I watch MX of Nations 2022? ›

  1. USA CANADA. CBS Sports Network. Sunday 25 September 2022 – MXoN Race 1 – 13:00 ET – LIVE. ...
  2. BRAZIL. Bandsports. ...
  5. FINLAND. MTV Sport 2. ...
  6. FRANCE. Automoto TV la chaine. ...

Who won the 2022 MX of Nations? ›

2022 Nations Overall Classification

Team USA won the 2022 FIM Motocross of Nations at RedBud, USA, ahead of Team France in second, and Team Australia in third. Final MXoN classification after race 3.

Who owns RedBud? ›

RedBud is currently run by two of Gene and Nancy's children, Amy Ritchie and Tim Ritchie.

Where is Ryder DiFrancesco from? ›

DiFrancesco hails from Bakersfield, Calif., where he is hooked up with a Kawasaki Team Green team.

Is the Motocross of Nations televised? ›

Saturday will see all three qualifying heats broadcast through the subscription-based MXGP-TV platform, while Sunday's motos will additionally be aired through CBS Sports Network.

Can I watch MX Player in USA? ›

MX Player is Only Available in Few Countries

Although the MX Player video service was only available in India, you can now use the service in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Nepal, and also Bangladesh.

Is MX Player free to watch? ›

Is the MX Player online platform free? Yes, the online videos, MX Originals' web shows, movies, TV shows, music videos and more can be streamed online on MX Player for free.

Will the 2022 Motocross Nations be televised? ›

The 2022 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations event is taking place this weekend at RedBud MX in Buchanan, Michigan, MXGP-TV has announced the TV broadcast/streaming schedule for the event. Live coverage can be seen all weekend on, with live coverage of Sunday's motos airing on CBS Sports Network.

What TV channel is Motocross on? ›

LIVE on Peacock and NBC.

Does Netflix have Motocross? ›

Motocross teens go for big air as they try to beat their rivals, bring out the best in each other and win it all in this high-speed series. Watch all you want.

How do I get MAVTV plus on my TV? ›

You can watch MAVTV on FloRacing on a desktop at You can also watch MAVTV on FloRacing on various FloSports apps and devices including iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast and connected TVs including Vizio, Samsung and LG.

What is the motocross schedule for 2022? ›

2022 Pro Motocross Schedule
5/28Fox Raceway National IPala, CA
7/16Spring Creek NationalMillville, MN
7/23Washougal NationalWashougal, WA
8/13Unadilla NationalNew Berlin, NY
8/20Budds Creek NationalMechanicsville, MD
7 more rows
8 Nov 2021

Can I watch 2022 Pro Motocross on Peacock? ›

– Oct. 4, 2022 – As part of a multi-year media rights extension between NBC Sports and Feld Motor Sports that was announced, Peacock will become the home of the Supercross and Pro Motocross series, including the newly-formed SuperMotocross World Championship.

When was the last time USA won MX of Nations? ›

The 2011 Monster Energy Motocross of Nations. The last time Team USA won, and the end of that magical era. Amazing to think it is a decade ago that the American riders were so much better.

Is Mxgp TV free? ›

MXGP Studio Show LIVE & FREE to view! MXGP.

Who is the goat of MX? ›

Carmichael is notable for winning the AMA 450cc motocross national championship seven times and, the AMA Supercross Championship 450cc class five times. His unrivaled successes in the sport of motocross have given him the nickname "The GOAT"; standing for Greatest of All Time.
Ricky Carmichael.
WinsTop tensPoles

What brand has the most MX wins? ›

Honda is the winningest brand in the Supercross championship, with 219 wins out of the 700+ Supercross races since the mid-1970s. The titles have been spread around 20 years since the AMA started having competitions, with Kawasaki (25) winning the lion's share.

Which country has the most MXoN wins? ›

There have been six different MXoN team champions between 2003 and 2021, with the USA being the most successful team winning seven victories.

How tall is LaRocco's Leap? ›

For 26 of those years, RedBud's signature spot has been LaRocco's Leap, a 140 foot jump that has become world famous.

Why is it called LaRocco's Leap? ›

LaRocco's Leap

It was modeled after "Kong", a large jump found at LaRocco's personal track. Track co-owner Tim Ritchie decided to build a replica of the jump at the Red Bud track. It was later named after LaRocco as he became the first person to clear it, doing so on a 125cc motorcycle.

How many acres is RedBud? ›

RedBud's track consists of a dark/organic loam, which is a truly rich soil — suitable, believe it or not, for growing grapes on either side of the expansive 300-acre RedBud property.

Where is daxton bennick from? ›

KTM dirt bikes are all Daxton Bennick has known. The North Carolina native grew up racing the orange brand and quickly found success, winning a 51 (4-6) Special Limited title at the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn's Ranch in 2013 in just his second visit to the prestigious event.

How old is DiFrancesco? ›

Death. DeFrancesco died at his home in Phoenix, Arizona, of a heart attack on August 25, 2022, at the age of 51.

How old is Ryder Difrancisco? ›

Additionally, DiFrancesco is the 2020 AMA Motocross Youth Rider of the Year and won the 2021 MX Sports Pro Racing Scouting Moto Combines, to underscore his outdoor resume. DiFrancesco, 17, won his first Lorretta Lynn championship at the age of six in the AMA 1 Stock.

Can you watch motocross on ESPN? ›

in May with the start of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, a 12-round series that not only includes the best tracks in the sport but also the fastest riders. ESPN presents season coverage of the 12-round season running May to September.

How do I get Mxgp TV? ›

However, if you are the kind of fan that likes the freedom to watch LIVE from anywhere or from any device, every day of every race including qualifying, it is accessible worldwide via Not to mention if you saw something spectacular on MXGP-TV you can watch the replay on demand in HD.

Is MX Player legal? ›

This User Agreement is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures. User Agreement is a legal and binding agreement between the User of the Service and MX Player and states the terms that govern Your use and access of the Service.

Who is the owner of MX Player? ›

MX Player
OwnerTimes Internet
Created byJ2 Interactive
Key peopleKaran Bedi (chief executive officer) Abhishek Joshi (SVP & head of marketing and business partnerships) Vivek Jain (chief operating officer) Gautam Talwar (chief content officer) $ 5600 million ernning
ParentThe Times Group
9 more rows

Is it safe to install MX Player? ›

Be rest assured, your privacy is our utmost priority, and we neither access your files for other purposes nor transfer or store them to our servers. They remain safe on your device.

How much does MX Player cost? ›

5988 per year. You will also get Amazon Prime1 year membership worth Rs. 999. Subscribers will also get Disney+ Hotstar VIP1 Year Disney+ Hotstar VIP Membership, along with Vi movies and TV, Vi Movies, and TV Subscription.

Which app is better than MX Player? ›

There are more than 100 alternatives to MX Player for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and BSD. The best alternative is VLC Media Player, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like MX Player are MPC-HC, PotPlayer, SMPlayer and MPC-BE.

What can I use instead of MX Player? ›

8 Best MX Player Alternatives For Android In 2022
  • VLC Player. VLC player enjoys the same kind of popularity on Windows as MX player does on the Android side of things. ...
  • XPlayer. ...
  • GOM Player. ...
  • Mobo Player. ...
  • KM Player. ...
  • BS Player. ...
  • Archos Player. ...
  • Plex Player.
30 Jul 2022

Can I watch Motocross on Roku? ›

Transworld Motocross | TV App | Roku Channel Store | Roku.

Can you watch Motocross on MAVTV? ›

Celebrate the 50th season for the Lucas OIl Pro Motocross Championship with MAVTV. The world's best riders test their skill and endurance on the roughest, most technical tracks in the world. All motos from all events in 2022 can be seen on MAVTV.

How much does it cost to watch Motocross? ›

If it is purely Supercross and Motocross that you want, then your best option is to signup for either MAVTV for $6.99 per month or NBC's Peacock Premium for $5 per month. These options will give you access to all of the AMA Supercross and Lucas Oil Motocross events.

Is motocross on Disney plus? ›

Motocrossed, an adventure movie starring Alana Austin, Mary-Margaret Humes, and Trever O'Brien is available to stream now. Watch it on Disney Plus or Prime Video on your Roku device.

Does Amazon Prime have Dirt? ›

Watch Dirt | Prime Video.

How can I watch motocross on smart TV? ›

Pro Motocross and all other racing can be watched on all smart TVs, streaming, and mobile devices by downloading the FloSports app, which can be found on the iOS App Store, Google Play, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon FireTV, and Chromecast, in addition to smart TVs including Vizio, Samsung and LG.

What's coming to streaming February 2022? ›

17 Best Movies New to Streaming in February: 'French Dispatch,' 'Nightmare Alley' and More
  • Nightmare Alley (Feb. 1 on Hulu and HBO Max) ...
  • The French Dispatch (Feb. 25 on HBO Max) ...
  • The Wrestler (Feb. 1 on Amazon Prime) ...
  • The Beta Test (Feb 4. ...
  • Almost Famous (Feb. ...
  • 3:10 to Yuma (Feb. ...
  • Love & Mercy (Feb. ...
  • Donnie Darko (Feb.
4 Feb 2022

What's coming to streaming January 2022? ›

You May Also Like
  • “Search Party” Stream on HBO Max on Jan. ...
  • “Euphoria” Stream on HBO Max on Jan. ...
  • “The Righteous Gemstones” Stream on HBO Max on Jan. ...
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  • “Peacemaker” Stream on HBO Max on Jan. ...
  • “Archive 81” Stream on Netflix on Jan. ...
  • “How I Met Your Father” Stream on Hulu on Jan. ...
  • “Ozark”
1 Jan 2022

What is coming to streaming services February 2022? ›

  • Feb. Pam & Tommy: Series Premiere (Hulu Original)
  • Feb. Basketball and Other Things: Complete Season 1. The Deep House.
  • Feb. Beans. ...
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  • Feb. Clotilda: Last American Slave Ship.
  • Feb. To Catch a Smuggler: Season 3 Premiere. ...
  • Feb. Dollface: Complete Season 2 (Hulu Original)
  • Feb. The Space Between.
11 Feb 2022

What new streaming services are coming to February 2022? ›

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1 Feb 2022

What will Netflix remove in 2022? ›

Here's What's Leaving Netflix in October 2022
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  • 10/13/22. Apocalypse Now Redux. Little Italy.
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  • 10/15/22. Sinister 2.
  • 10/21/22. Yes, God, Yes.
  • 10/22/22. Hemlock Grove: Seasons 1-3.
2 Oct 2022

What is being removed from Netflix in April 2022? ›

What's leaving Netflix in April: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dawson's Creek, and more. See the full list of movies and TV departing the streaming service next month, including The Shawshank Redemption and The Florida Project. It's that time again.

What will leave Netflix in 2022? ›

  • Leaving Nov. ...
  • Leaving Nov. If Anything Happens I Love You.
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  • Leaving Nov. Bridget Jones's Baby.
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28 Oct 2022

What is going off Netflix in March 2022? ›

Animated departures include “Kung Fu Panda,” “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2,” “Happy Feet Two,” a handful of “Pokemon!” movies and series, and meme culture favorite “Bee Movie.” There are also several live-action family classics leaving Netflix in March as well, including “Hook,” “Jumanji,” “The NeverEnding Story ...

What is coming off Netflix in February 2022? ›

Happy Valentine's Day, I guess – now off to the full list of movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in February.
  • Feb. "Await Further Instructions" "Grown Ups" ...
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  • Feb. "Hitler – A Career"
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  • Feb. "Drunk Parents"
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  • Feb. "No Escape"

What did Netflix remove in January 2022? ›

Here's What's Leaving Netflix in January 2022
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  • Leaving Jan. Episodes (Seasons 1-5)
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3 Jan 2022

How many Netflix Cancelled 2022? ›

Netflix Lost 1.3 Million U.S. and Canadian Subscribers in Q2 2022.

What's coming to and leaving Hulu February 2022? ›

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What is the number 1 streaming service 2022? ›

We love HBO Max so much, we awarded it the 2022 Tom's Guide Award for best streaming service.

What is Netflix removing from May 2022? ›

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What is coming to Hulu in March 2022? ›

March 2022
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Is Netflix Free 2022? ›

Netflix does not offer free trials, but you have the freedom to change your plan or cancel online at any time if you decide Netflix isn't for you. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no commitments. You can sign up and take advantage of all Netflix has to offer.


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