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General Information

Working of Motor Vehicles Department

Working of Motor Vehicles Department

The Motor Vehicle Act, 1939 was replaced by Motor vehicle Act, 1988. Rules were farmed under Motor Vehicle Act,1988 as Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 and State Motor Vehicle Rules 1991.

Area of activities under this act and rules framed their under:

The Operational Framework
  1. Motor Vehicle Act, 1988
  2. Central Motor Vehicle Rules,1989
  3. J&K Motor Vehicle Rules 1991
  4. J&K Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 1957
State level Transport Commissioner
Regional level Regional Transport Officers
District level Assistant Regional Transport Officers


a) State Transport Authority which constitutes:

Transport Commissioner Chairman
Inspector General of Police Traffic Member
Joint TransportCommissioner Member
Dy. TransportCommissioner Member Secretary

State Transport Authority has been constituted by the Government at the state level with Chairman and four members. Powers vested under MVAct,1988 and the rules framed there under:

Functions : All functions regarding disposal of cases under the provisions of MV Act, 1988 CMV Rules 1989 and J&K MV Act Rules 1991.

b) Regional Transport Authority at District level RTOs Jammu and Kashmir Constitutes

1. Deputy Commissioner as Chairman
2. District Superintendent of Police as Member
3. Regional Transport Officer/ARTO as Member Secretary

Regional Transport Authority has been constituted by the Government at District levels, to function with the powers vested under rule 67 of J&K MV Rule 1991

c) Regulatory Authority The responsibility of regulatory authority is:

  • Mobility -Registration of all types of vehicle plying on roads.
  • Safety- Conduct test of competency, issue of driving licenses.
  • Accessibility- Issue the route permits, connect all towns and villages.
  • Environmental Aspects -Issue of fitness certificates to well maintained vehicles to control vehicular traffic.

Introduction of Smart Card in J&K

Smart Card

The Smart Card is a type of chip card, a plastic card, embedded with an electronic chip that stores and transacts data between users. The data may be in the form of photograph or information or both within its memory. The card contains an embedded microprocessor. The microprocessor is under a gold contact pad on one side of the card. The term smart card came into existence after year 1995 when the microprocessor was used for many purposes, including cell phones.

Benefits of Smart Card

The following benefits are observed in the use of Smart cards:-

  1. Compact storage of data.
  2. Tamper proof storage of data.
  3. Secured operation.
  4. No cash transaction.
  5. Easy Access.
  6. Remote sensing can act within fraction of seconds without contact.
  7. Uniformity of system.
Use of Smart Card in Transport Department

In the Transport Department, Smart Card can be used for Registration, Recollection, Permit Issuance, Driving Licensing, Pollution Control Records and Enforcement activities proposed to be introduced shortly.

Norms of Fitness Certificate

A fitness certificate in respect of transport Vehicle is granted under Sec. 56, shall be in form 38, such Certificate is granted /renewed for a period of one to three years.

The Fitness Certificate is granted only after conducting of specified tests on the following equipment of the Vehicle and found in good working conditions.

  • Spark plug/ Suppressor cap/ High tension cables.
  • Head light High & Low Beams and other lights, bulbs.
  • Reflectors.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Horn.
  • Silencer (ensure no leakage).
  • Dashboard equipment.
  • Windshield wiper.
  • Engine and exhaust emission.
  • Brakes and Braking System.
  • Speedometer.
  • Steering wheel and linkages.
  • Wheels and Tyres.
  • Suspension,Chasis, springs shock absorbers etc.

Commercial/Non Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Non-Commercial
1.Buses/Trucks a) Tata 205 a) Daewoo Matiz
b) Tata 166 b) Santro
c) Ashoka Leyland c) Tata Indica
2.Mini Buses/Matadors a) Tata-608 d) Fiat Siena
b) Matador F-307 e) Fiat Uno
c) Ashoka Leyland-810-B f) Maruti Versa
d) Swaraj Mazda g) Mahindra-576DL
e) Eicher h) Fiat Palio
f) Tempo Excel i) Mahindra Scorpio
g) JJ Trainst j) Toyota Qualis
3.Maxi Cabs a) Tata Sumo
b) Tempo Traveller
c) Tempo Trax
d) Mahindra Armada
e) Tata Sierra
f) Swaraj Mazda
g) Eicher 3750mm Wheel Base
4)Taxi Cabs a) Cielo
b) Maruti Esteem
c) Maruti Van
d) Maruti Zypsy
e) Mahindra Commander
f) Tata Estate
g) Tata Safari
h) Mahindra Voyager
i) Mahindra Safari
j) Mahindra Marshall
k) Mahindra Bolero
l) Tata Specio
m) Toyota Qualis
5.Load Carriers a) Vikram-410
b) Sitara-510
c) Mahindra Pick-up
d) Minidoor Pick-up Van
e) Tempo Excel
f) Bajaj Tempo Toofan
g) Bajaj Tempo Trax
h) Mahindra &Mahindra (Variants)
i) Tata Mobile
6.Auto Rickshaws a) Sitara-400
b) Kerala-400
c) Minidoor Auto Rickshaw
d) Vikram-450/750
e) Mahindra Bijlee-II


Act of 1939 was amended to Act Number 47 of 1982 together with State amendments, State accidents claims, tribunal rules, other rules and notifications with short notes and the tyre rules incorporated in 1993 vide SRO 295(E) dated 15.4.83.The State rules 1972 framed under Motor vehicle Act, 1939,where the State Government had a power to frame rules under the provisions of the Chapters. The State rules 1972 remained in force upto 1998, and there were only two registering Authorities, viz:

a)Regional Transport Authority Jammu
b)Regional Transport Authority Srinagar, supervised by Transport Commissioner as State Transport Authority

The vehicles were registered under the series of JK as State code and A,B,C, as series code. The series were reserved as:

JKA to JKM For Regional Transport Office Kashmir for registration of all vehicles except Taxis. For taxis the registration number was reserved as JKT from 1 to 5000
JKY Was registration mark reserved for SRTC (which was also called GTU) for Kashmir wing
JKN to JKU For Regional Transport Office, Jammu for registration of all vehicles except Taxis. For taxis the registration number was reserved as JKT from 5000 onwards.
JKZ Was registration mark reserved for SRTC for Jammu wing.
JKO Was omitted from the registration series. When JKT series was exhausted, in Kashmir region new series KMT came into existence in Kashmir region for registration of taxis


Allotment of Registration Marks by Registering Authorities (District Level)

With the creation of district Assistant Regional Transport Offices one of the functions of these these Registering Authorities is to assign registration to Motor Vehicles. Government vide SRO:195 notification dated 20.09.1994 authorized the district registering authorities to assign the registration code to the vehicles for display thereon, as per table give below:

S. No. Registering Authorities of the District Code Numbers
1 Srinagar JK01
2 Jammu JK02
3 Anantnag JK03
4 Budgam JK04
5 Baramulla JK05
6 Doda JK06
7 Kargil JK07
8 Kathua JK08
9 Kupwara JK09
10 Leh JK10
11 Rajouri JK11
12 Poonch JK12
13 Pulwama JK13
14 Udhampur JK14
15 Bandipora JK15
16 Ganderbal JK16
17 Kishtwar JK17
18 Kulgam JK18
19 Ramban JK19
20 Reasi JK20
21 Samba JK21
22 Shopian JK22

Preferential Registration Numbers

Government vide Order Number 71-TR Of 1999 dated 12-10-1999 authorized Registering Authorities to assign Preferential Registration numbers to motor vehicles for display thereon on payment of Rs. 2000/-. The preferential numbers are:

0001 0414 0777 1515 3232 5000 6767 8383
to 0440 0786 1616 3333 5050 6789 8484
0100 0444 0789 1717 3434 5051 6868 8585
0110 0456 0800 1818 3456 5152 6969 8686
0111 0500 0808 1919 3535 5252 7000 8787
0121 0505 0818 2000 3636 5353 7070 8888
0123 0515 0880 2020 3737 5454 7071 8989
0151 0525 0888 2021 3838 5555 7171 9000
0200 0550 0900 2121 3939 5656 7272 9090
0202 0555 0909 2222 4000 5678 7373 9091
0212 0567 0919 2323 4040 5757 7474 9191
0222 0575 0990 2345 4041 5858 7575 9292
0234 0600 0999 2424 4141 5959 7676 9393
0300 0606 1000 2525 4242 6000 7777 9494
0303 0616 1010 2626 4343 6060 7878 9595
0313 0660 1011 2727 4444 6061 7890 9696
0323 0666 1111 2828 4545 6161 7979 9797
0330 0678 1112 2929 4567 6262 8000 9898
0333 0700 1212 3000 4646 6363 8080 9999
0345 0707 1234 3030 4747 6464 8081
0400 0717 1313 3031 4848 6565 8181
0404 0770 1414 3131 4949 6666 8182

Color Schemes

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Color Schemes

Proper painting of transport vehicles is an essential and mandatory requirement before a fitness certificated is granted and the vehicles are required to be painted in such a Colour or colours as prescribed by the J&K State Transport Authority/ Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989.

S.No Category of Vehicle Color
1 Goods Vehicles other than those owned by State Road Transport Corporation Shall be painted in Cream Colour
2 Goods vehicles owned by SRTC. The above clause shall not apply to petrol tankers Gas carriers covered by public carrier permit Grey Colour
3 Vehicles of Government undertakings /Corporation other than SRTC. Blue Colour
4 Vehicles of Institute of Medical sciences:
a) Passenger vehicle
b) Pick-up vans
c) Ambulances

Powder Blue
Deep Blue
5 Matadors or its equivalent operating in Rural areas Original Colour of manufactures with a yellow strip skirting the body of the vehicle in the middle the word Rural in 3" height of letter's shall be painted in front and rear of the vehicle
6 Contract carriage 3-wheelers operating in rural areas Front portion of the body shall be painted in white Colour with word Rural painted in Black odd 1” height of letters.
7 Vehicles plying as tourist vehicles shall be painted White Colour with the blue ribbon of 5,cms width at the center of the exterior of the body and the word tourist shall be inserted on the two sides of the vehicle in circle of 60 cms diameter.
8 Vehicles plying under National permits a) Dry leaf Brown Colour with 30 cms Board white borders and the words National permit shall be inscribed on the both sides of the vehicle in black letters within a circle of 60cms diameter
b) The body of the tanker carrying dangerous/hazardous goods shall be painted in white Colour with a dry leaf brown ribbon of 5 cms width. around the middle at the exterior at that of the driver cabin in Orange colour
c) A Board with the inscription National Permit valid in the states ---- with blue letters on the white ground shall be carried in the front top
9 Motor Cabs with all India tourist permits a) In white Colour with blue ribbon of 5 cms width at the center of the exterior of the body and the word tourist vehicle shall be painted on both sides of the vehicle within a circle of 25 cms diameter.
b) A board with inscription tourist permit valid in the states of -- in black letters with yellow background to be displayed in the front of the vehicle above the registration number plates.
10 No Motor vehicle shall be painted in Olive Green Colour except those which belong to the defense authorities

Transport Adalat

The Transport Department is conducting Transport Adalat once in three months in all RTO and ARTOs Offices for on spot redressal

Objects of Transport Adalat.

  1. To hear public grievances and complaints.
  2. To receive suggestions for improvement on various items of works.
  3. Spot decisions on certain issues which are common in the interest of public.
  4. To highlight the problems relating to air pollutions caused by the motor vehicles.

Who can/will participate in the Transport Adalat

Citizens, Unions of transport sector, local MLAs, Corporators/Municipal Councilors, Chairman RTA, Superintendent of Police, Gram Panchayat Members and others who have grievances about the services of the Transport Department. They can be make suggestions for improvement of services.

Draft Of Radio Taxi Scheme

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