Synguard Nitrile Exam Gloves - MediSupply Warehouse (2023)

Great quality products and fast delivery too


Catherine RN

Great quality products and fast delivery too. The team here at Queen Elizabeth Hospital are all so relived to have our latest delivery of face mask and shields already. It only took 1 week from payment to delivery too, much quicker than expected – and just in time! We’re putting in an order for nitrile exam gloves today! Thanks again Medisupplywarehouse.

Second time lucky


David L. Hong Kong.

We got scammed with an order from Vietnam before we ordered through Medi Warehouse. The customer service the whole way though the process was great and our order arrived on time and as described. We’re much happier this time and we’ll keep buying from them from now on.

Great prices


Dr. Anderson from Managua, Nicaragua

I have not seen a better thermometer at this price. Your company really helped our budget clinic to continue treating the hundreds of patients my staff and I see daily. Thank you.

Good quality and price


Fredrick Chanhason, Nairobi, Kenya

These surgical masks and latex gloves are of really good quality for the price. Fantastic service.

Easy ordering


Samantha Rose from Accra, Ghana

The website is easy to navigate and the ordering process was smooth. The nitrile gloves arrived on schedule. Thank you.

Quality face shields


RN Rosemary M. Whiliby from Manchester, UK

Precisely what we needed and in good time. Thank you for quality shields in a timely fashion. I recommend your company to all.

Cheap and fast shipping


Micheal Bowsman from Auckland, New Zealand

My old supplier in South Korea did not provide a product like these masks. They are durable and the shipping price was excellent.

Quality products and service


RN Maria Valdoza from Andorra

All nitrile glove boxes arrived fast and unharmed. Thank you for your quality service. Yes, I recommend your services to all health facilities.



Dr. Douglas Maan from Hamburg, Germany

All the packages arrived safely and untarnished. These thermometers will help us treat many patients. You were so helpful through the whole process. Danke.

Great customer service


RN Sarah McKenzie from Capetown, South Africa

I am impressed with the timing, customer service, and quality of the products. We ordered a large shipment of vinyl and nitrile exam gloves for a large rush in the clinic. We were able to replace the products in no time at all! We had not patient waiting for treatment due to lack of supplies. Thank you so very much.

Helpful staff


Malinda Macconal, Shipment Management, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Great service and really easy to work with. Thanks for your help and caring attitudes when I had so many questions. I will order supplies from you again.

Our masks have arrived!


Dr. Mikhayla Ohan from Honolulu, Hawaii

Medical supplies are hard to ship so quickly to the island. We received our shipment of surgical masks with no delay. Mahalo!

We Feel Safe Again Now


Rev. Dr. Neil Applegate, Madagascar

Our shipment of masks was right on time for us to help our patients. Thanks to God the great staff of this medical supply warehouse were so kind. We can now care for everyone in the shelter in a more healthy matter.

Better than our last experience


Health Practitioner Abigail B. from London, UK

Masks are clean, strong, and arrived quickly. The last shipment we received from China were filthy. These surgical masks we now received came to us in a very sanitary condition.

Highly Recommended


Dr. Paula Maltrutia from Madrid, Spain

Perfect precision for the process of ordering from the shopping cart to packaging. I am thankful for your punctuality and such a quality product. Our nitrile exam gloves came precisely when needed and in prime condition. I am pleased to work through your company and promise to persuade other physicians to receive their supplies through your warehouse.

Overall a GREAT experience


Mary Arnold from Toulouse, France

Passionate employees. Efficient service. Speedy delivery.



MD Nancy Farrimore from Seattle, USA

Best thermometers I have seen. Really great service. I highly recommend this supply company.

Happy for the quick delivery


RN Lianne Hartwig from New York, US

We ordered these body thermometers from this warehouse for the first time. Our Hospital is very pleased with the quality and I am grateful they came so soon. We had a dramatic influx of patients and I don’t know what we would have done without their timely arrival.

Great Service


MD Margrett Anton from Lisbon, Portugal

These nitrile exam gloves and thermometers are a wonderful addition to our supplies. Thank you for your great service. I will recommend you as a supplier to my fellow physicians.

Speed service


Dr Matthew Wallery from Copenhagen, Denmark

Thank you for your speedy service and such a quality product. The thermometers you provided for our medical center truly make a world of a difference in these difficult times. Please keep up the good work.

Thanks you for saving us


RN Tsuki Namakotchi, Osaka, Japan

I am eternally thankful to you at the warehouse for medical supplies. These face shields are high quality and of a good price. I do not know how to thank you enough for being a part of saving lives in our community.

Masks are here! We're so relieved.


Betty Newhouse, Product Manager from Portland, Organ, USA

All the masks came safe and sound. I am happy with the process and speed of service. For ten years I have worked as product manager. No company has lived up to such a smooth shipment or bang for your buck.

Faster than expected! Great.


Dr. Robert A. from Bangkok, Thailand

The shipment came twice as fast as our previous supplier. Very happy with their service.

Quality Service


Dr. Franco H. Millani from Venice, Italy

All the local stores have run out of proper sterile gloves. Our order of Synguard Nitrile Gloves came with no hassle or setback. I am very pleased with the quality service and the level of durability of these gloves. As they are powder free they’re good for our staff that are concerned with skin care too. I recommend your services.

Cannot Fault the Service


Dr. Paul Hagen of Oslo, Norway

In twenty years of service I have never had a product shipment run so effectively.

Study Face Masks


Willian Valmirez Jr. from Jakarta, Indonesia

Fabulous service and sturdy masks. This is just what our hospital needed. The warehouse took care of everything on such short notice.

Good service


Dr. Iewan Maskowitz from Prague, Czech Republic

Hard to tell how long they will last, yet they seem quite good. These gloves did come fast so I am happy with that. I do think I will go with your company now. I thank you for your good services.

Highly recommended


MD Scarlet Jonesburg from Pretoria, South Africa

Regulation face masks are in high demand and are becoming pricier. This is the number one company to order medical supplies, especially these medical grade masks. I highly suggest going through this medical warehouse for the supplies you need.

Facemasks arrived quickly


MD Charles Flaxton from San Diego, California, USA

Practical, easy, and efficient. This was the quickest and cheapest experience in delivery I have had in recent months. Our staff are so thankful for the quick turnover for masks. I recommend your warehouse to become the go-to for all medical practitioners, especially during this terrible pandemic.

Quality and not too expensive


Dr. James Rockling from San Cristobal, Dominican Republic

These are the best quality face masks I have used so far. The shipment came quickly and it was easy to afford. Thank you for your help.

God Bless


Bethany Harron from San Mariano, Philippines

Being so far from all things on this island it is almost too difficult to be receiving supplies. Thank you so much for helping us so quickly. May God Bless you so much!

Great Thermometers - Easy to Use


RNA Deborah Nottingham from Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Technology has come a long way from back in my day. These thermometers are top of the line. Thank you for providing a quality product and quick delivery.

Efficent and fast


Susan Attwood of Liverpool, UK

Their efficiency from ordering to receiving delivery surprised me. Thank you!

Hats off to the MSW team!


Peggy Maan in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Wow! Thank you for what you do! What lifesavers! Seriously, hats off to your whole team!

Great products


RNA Kim Nitachi from Seoul, South Korea

Thank you for this great product! Your time efficient work and help through customer service made you my top favorite company with supplies, so far. These are really good quality face shields and I will be sure to put in the record to keep you as our primary supplier for these products. Thank you again so very much.

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